The Hawthorn Tree An Sceach Gheal

Novel: "Under the Hawthorn Tree" by  Marita Conlon McKenna  is 20 years old this month.
       Ancient Ogham writing was based on our native trees. The hawthorn is represented by An hUathe which means fear!!
Can you write your name in Ogham? Draw a picture.
On your walk please take a photo of a Hawthorn Tree and upload your photos to Seesaw.
The Hawthorn is also known as the Whitethorn Tree.
In different parts of Ireland, people have superstitions. 
Ask your parents or grandparents about superstitions where they grew up. 
Tell me about them on Seesaw. 
Ogham: Unique, Enigmatic Irish Writing And Signaling Tool ...Ogham alphabet - named after trees